Friday, September 21, 2007

Some Days are Made Not to Forget

Look Mah were getting drunk... This gathering of my friends reminds me how we evolve.. From the "Sip-onon" to mere manhood..(Sip onon lang gihapon)... But Look we are not wearing those low-cut converse shoes and white tshirt.. But in the picture i am wearing one...
From Left(Ronald aka Josh, Ernie aka boboy, Of Course RyanM aka holding the glass hehehe, Dave aka Dave waheheehh )

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Peter Answers Freakin Me Out but Not For Long

This really freaks me out the first time my officemate give it a shot i was so shock that it really didnt get me slept at that night... By the way the link is

Along the way, I started to get curious and go to google to search some answer.. This is what i discovered form 1 author who is then shared the same approach with mine.... The Magic Tricks Revealed

First, instead of typing in the petition box, “Peter, please answer the . . .” begin by instead typing:
That’s right. Simply type a period. What happens next is pure magical genius.
Instead of seeing what you’d expect (a “.”) you see a “P”. Then type whatever the heck you want and the rest of the phrase “Peter, please answer the following” appears.

As long as nobody pays any attention to where your fingers are actually landing the prank works slick.

The trick to the prank is to here type in the answer to whatever question you are going to ask next. When you’re done just keep typing until the phrase is complete. Whenever you hit the “:” your cursor will jump to the next box–where you’ll type in the actual question.

Hit return and bingo! Whatever you really typed into the petition box appears.